ZURA set a record for the opening week of the movie

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ZURA set a record for the opening week of the movie

Another feature film of the fantastic production, ZURA, was released digitally on May 16 and reached the audience in 10 days. The first joint film of SKYmedia Corporation LLC and Univision LLC, a TV channel service provider, was a great success and was broadcast live simultaneously on SKYmedia, Univision, SkyGO, DDSH TV and LookTV platforms. Shortly after the launch, it was added to the video library of the platforms.

At a time when cinemas are closing and filmmakers are collapsing due to the spread of the COVID 19 virus, Fantastic Productions has taken the last two films digitally, despite the many challenges they may face. However, it was a huge success for the audience who were waiting for the new movie, and from the first week of watching ZURA, they were able to bring unexpected results.

An average of 25,000 people watched the movie in the first week, while ZURA was already watched by 141,600 people in the first week, setting a new record for the opening week in Mongolia. Thanks to the fact that the young filmmakers are realizing that the film industry can be successfully digitalized at a time when all kinds of businesses are beginning to be digitized due to the current situation, and continue to present their new work to the audience.

Regarding ZURA, it is worth noting that the film was a bold critique of the injustices of today's society, and it was a wonderful work of thought for everyone living in this day and age. The main roles in the film were played by B.Tamir, director and actor of Fantastic Production, B.Batsaikhan, actor S.Bold-Erdene and young actor S.Idermaa.